The Phoenix Down aka Namaste goes back on tour
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If you have been following Namaste for the last ten years, then you may already know that the band has made some big changes over the last couple of years. After several member changes; and much hardship and heartache through those changes, Namaste has also changed their name. The band chose the name "The Phoenix Down" after their love for the game "Final Fantasy". Sometimes known as Fenix Down or Life, is a recurring common item in the Final Fantasy series. The "Down" refers to the down feathers of a bird, the undercoat of feathers beneath the visible layer on top. The down feathers of a Phoenix would return people from the dead as a Phoenix itself does. The Aletap Rumors of Final Fantasy XII says that the Phoenix Down works by being offered to appeal to the mystical Phoenix itself to allow a lost soul to return, with the quality and overall beauty of the current feather being a crucial factor. Phoenix Downs are used to revive characters who have been knocked out in battle. This band has had plenty of blows, but they are now "Revived" and ready to go and spread some love, which is what they best do.

Opening up for such names such as Vince Welnick of the Grateful Dead, this band has the chops and the energy to climb to the top fast. After their article in Relix last year, they toured for a short stint, and then took a hiatus to record their first album as The Phoenix Down. They are now geared towards hitting the road and making some new friends. To book them or get a poster designed by the lead man, Stephen Horning, email us at heidi@bigninjafam, or

See the Phonenix Down at Hoodilidoo, Friday, June 10 in Grand Junction, Michigan
and watch for upcoming dates to be posted soon!

-Momma Bear

Big Ninja Keeping it in the Family

By: Mike Adams | 4 days ago

Chances are if you haven’t heard the name you have seen some of their artwork hanging in various bars around the Evansville area. Big Ninja Family Productions, the company responsible for developing websites for Lamasco Bar and Grill, Joe’s Orchard, and the Homegrown Music Festival website, as well as countless band promotional posters, have been hard at work for sometime now. It wasn’t until 2010 when Stephen Horning, founder of Big Ninja, hired Heidi Krause to manage his band Namaste that things really started to take off. “Stephen does some amazing graphic art, and has been for years now” says Heidi. “He takes hours to finish a piece, and the details are very intricate and sometimes labor intensive.”

Not only does Big Ninja Family Production produce some of the best design work that I’ve seen this area, but they also manage bands and act as booking agents as well. Some of the artists currently on their roster include: Namaste, Dang Heathens, Brick Briscoe, Kinetix, New Country Rehab, Green Room Rockers, and Lost River Caveman. “When we work with musicians or bands, we like to see folks who are already taking the initiative to work hard, and are happy working with other musicians,” says Heidi. “We believe that we are all one through music, and that we can all make a difference with individual sounds. If you are feeling down and you listen to the right music, it can change you. I know that Namaste got me through some of the hardest times in my life, and to Stephen and the rest of Big Ninja that is what Big Ninja Family Productions is hoping to achieve as a collective.”

Big Ninja Family Productions has a busy April ahead of them preparing for their Bluegrass and Blues in the ‘Burg festival which happens on April 20-21 at Angel Mounds in Newburgh, Indiana. According to, in honor of Earth Day and Angel Mounds State Historic Site, part of the proceeds for this event go to “Friends of Angel Mounds”. This event includes two days of national, regional, and local live music, worthy Evansville area non profits, FREE camping, a special family camping area, Saturday morning brunch provided by Lamasco Bar and Grill, food and art vendors, amazing artists and life size art installations; and, a special children’s zone just for the kids. ALL included in the price of your ticket! Children 12 and under are free! The Saturday Morning Brunch at 10 am will be accompanied by some beautiful bluegrass music.

Also, if you are looking for something to do on Easter Eve, Big Ninja Family Productions would like to remind you that two of their artists will be performing this weekend. The Dang Heathens with special guest Brick Briscoe will be at Doc’s (1305 N. Stringtown) on Saturday, April 7. The show starts at 8:00pm.

“Yes, the show coming up on Saturday with The Dang Heathens and Brick Briscoe at Doc’s will be amazing!” says Heidi. “I am not just saying that either. When we first took Brick on as a client we were stumped on who to pair him with. His sound is so unique. Then I remembered being a judge at Lamasco’s contest and seeing Andy Moore play, and it just clicked in my brain. These two guys have a lot in common musically, and they will compliment each other. My personal wish would be to see these two bands travel a bit and get out of Evansville together to play a tour. But, I am always dreaming of making great musicians famous. They work too hard for nothing most of the time, so they deserve it in the end.”

If you are interested in having Big Ninja Family Production design something for your band or business or book shows for your band contact

Stephen Horning:

Heidi Krause:

Travel and Leisure with Southern Indiana’s Brick Briscoe by Town Square Media

by Mike Adams

Brick Briscoe is a composer, filmmaker and photographer. He sometimes writes things that have nothing to do with those things as well. Odds are you will cross his path sometime.

His new record, Travel and Leisure is his sixth LP and his fourth as a solo artist. Taking on the task of painting sound and song with the most electric, deep colors available isn’t something that just anyone should try at home but after testing the tides of both Los Angeles and New York City, Briscoe found both solace and fire in the soft rolling plains of Indiana. Home.

This soft-spoken yet hard-driven man still claims to be a fan first and foremost. Days of post-punk vinyl and the emerging indie film wave, CBGB’s, Wire, The Beautiful South, Gang of Four, The Jam, and Stan Ridgway have left an indelible mark. Those passing by the studio will also hear Mahler, Monk and the Mekons. His tastes are as eclectic as his releases.

In the recent past Brick has produced Molly D, Matt Sullivan, Machines from Birth, Denise Dill, Orenda, Namaste, dozens of commercials, a few EPKs for bands, photographed a slew of bands and clients and made a few feature documentary films.

If you find yourself lost, on the mean streets of Anywhere, USA, and are seeking a warm place to record and a cool glass of bourbon, Brick’s waiting on the porch. Although we hear he’s now on wine and scotch these days.

Briscoe will be performing an unplugged show Friday March 16, 2012 at The Cherry Ghost in Washington, Indiana, with multi-instrumentalist Ray Major to help promote his new record, Travel and Leisure. Briscoe has decided to perform some solo shows right off the top as a means to more economically hit the road.

“We did a band CD release show and I think the drummer chickened out when it became clear that there was going to be a demand for shows”, says Briscoe. “I can’t waste time on it, it seems we found a replacement guy, but I had several shows re-booked as solos gigs. I have found that this particular instrumentation really fleshes out the songs. Ray fills in deftly where keyboards and another guitarist would be overkill.”

Briscoe explains that his new record, Travel & Leisure, is about recovery… “It is really about feeling out of place and having a job like I have where no one really understands what you do,” says Briscoe. “I think most people think I’m on vacation, but in actuality after speaking to people about these feelings I came to find out that everyone thinks they are out of place. So that’s it in a nutshell, folks looking how to fit into a world where no one does. We’re all just floating around hoping to meet someone in the hotel bar.”

Come out Friday night and enjoy this live, mostly acoustic performance featuring Brick Briscoe performing with multi-instrumentalist Ray Major on violin, viola, banjo and God knows what else at The Cherry Ghost Coffee House, 424 E. Main Street, Washington, IN, phone 812-486-7927. Doors open at 7:00 p.m.

Brick will be performing songs from each of his releases. The event will be filmed by Chicago’s Sureshot Productions for an upcoming Ustream event.

The show starts sometime after 8pm and before 8:30. Brick and Ray will play for around an hour or so. Rock-n-Roll time you know.

Get Brick Briscoe’s new record, Travel & Leisure:

Watch video for Brick Briscoe’s song “Full Moon Chicago”

Big Ninja Family welcomes Brick Briscoe

Brick Briscoe is a composer, filmmaker and photographer. He sometimes writes things that have nothing to do with those things as well.
Odds are you will cross his path sometime.

Travel and Leisure is his sixth LP and his third as a solo artist. He also records with the band Tall Young Men.

Brick's unique style and energy are only surpassed by his personable presence. Brick never knows a stranger, and will quickly paste a smile on your face, whether it's by conversation, or being at one of his live performances.

Find him...see him.

Big Ninja Family welcomes Front Porch Revival

Front Porch Revival

Noah Shull has been playing Blues Music for most of his life.. Having been blessed enough to have studied early on with musicians like, Jorma Kaukonen, G.E. Smith, Jimi Vincent & Chuck Day, the authenticity and raw honesty comes through in the music. From the foothills of Ohio to the San Francisco Bay and all places in-between the Troubadour/Tramp lifestyle is also evident in his honest interpretation of the Rural Blues of the 1920's and 30's.

Steve Frye has spent the majority of the last 25+ years playing rhythm instrumentation, both Nationally and Internationally in various Blues and Blues based groups, including, Pig Meat; The Big Mess Blues Band, Strangely Enough, Ekoostik Hookah, The John Mullins Band,and most recently with Front Porch Revival. Front Porch Revival plays the type of music that was played in the rural south between the turn of the century(1900) and the 1950's, the way it was played, on the same instruments that it was played on.

Front Porch Revival is:
Noah Shull - Resophonic Guitars; Flat-Top Acoustic Guitars; Vocals

Steve Frye - Washboards Cabbage Case Stomp

You'll Love it, and likely not see much like it these days. These guys know their music, and know the history of Blues unlike non other we've seen. A live performance is truly needed to capture the amazing fire they create.

Check them out at

Big Ninja Family presents Smooth Money Gesture April, 4 2012 at Lamasco Bar and Grill
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Smooth Money Gesture is infectious groove funk with ear twitching space jams, face melting solos and tight rhythmic changes. Since the new millennium, the band has been honing in on their sound, bringing their music from the East Coast to Alaska; finally landing in Nederland, Colorado where the band permanently resides. The sextet’s sound is rooted in rock and roll with elements of funk, bluegrass, metal, and electronica producing a jam based high energy psychedelic creation all their own. With a variety of musical influences feeding the improvisational groove, and the majority of members contributing vocals and to songwriting, Smooth Money Gesture takes one on an adrenaline rich celebratory journey that never runs out of fuel. The band has just released their debut CD "The Grand Scubian: Evolution” and with their ever expanding tour schedule, are making forays beyond their homebase of Colorado. This next year will see them traverse the Western states and cross the great Mississippi.

At the core of Smooth Money Gesture are the Diminico brothers and lifelong friend and fellow musician Josh Gitlin-Rich. Doug Diminico plays lead guitar and sings alongside his brother Dan Diminico (bass guitar and vocals). Josh Gitlin-Rich adds his own brand of guitar riffs to compliment Smooth Money's ethereal jams. On keys is Pete Goldberg, contributing a whole new dimension to Smooth Money's music with his energetic playing and gritty vocals. Cody Wales on drums and Nathaniel Haas on percussion and vocals, keep the band driving while adding a touch of polyrhythmic flare. Guy Erickson, of Colorado Music Buzz recently remarked “Smooth Money Gesture is the very Wiki of a happy jam band...Helixes of ebullient guitar...cerebral texture from the organ and keys provides that rare, full, Psychedelic-Funk expansion augmenting the complex interplay as two drummers / percussionists mesh in ever-evolving labyrinths of rhythm...Uplifting and a reason to smile!"

Sprinkling in the occasional and unexpected covers or teases from bands such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, The Allman Brothers, The Grateful Dead, or Phish: SMG is constantly twisting and taking the jams to new heights. Integral to the SMG expansive experience, is the job of Bryce on lights and effects. Bryce has been working with SMG, adding a light show that's as over the top as the music, furthering the planetary excursion into vast and grand, Scubian worlds.

Event page on facebook

Smooth Money Gesture on the web:

Big Ninja Family on the web:

Lamasco Bar and Grill on the web:

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CALABASH performs I Shot the Sheriff live at Doc's on Stringtown in Evansville, IN. You can catch them on Sunday, October 30 at The Festvial of the Dead at Lamasco Bar and Grill.

The New Old Cavalry
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Here the boys are playing live on Venice Beach for an impromptu crowd. They will be at Engelbrecht's Homegrown Fest and at the Festival of the Dead at Lamasco Bar and Grill

Heatbox: Live Video
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Be sure to check out Heatbox Sat. Oct. 29 at the Festival of the Dead presented by Lamasco and yours truely..Big Ninja Family.

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